Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pictures of the week

My first bakewell tart!

Another captive garden for my collection

A portrait in progress

The best gifts from Jim

Scotch egg and chocolate crêpes 

And more vintage cat ornaments

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

There are not many things I like to watch on television (well... I don't have a television, I watch everything online), one of these things is the Sherlock Holmes series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. 
Who's excited for the new season?...

Friday, 19 July 2013

AHD Paper Co.

Here are some illustrations from my collaboration with AHD Paper Co. 
I was commissioned to create a few designs for their new card collection - available in August!

You can have a look at my cards here. I really love that they use 100% recycled paper and vegetable inks.

It's been so fun to work on this project with Chris and Kara Town, I was so happy that they found me via Stay Home Club and my Kitty cat patch!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Guybrush & Calypso

Here are Calypso and Guybrush, two lovely cats I was commissioned to paint for a birthday - happy birthday Alice!
(You should check Alice's blog, she's a jewellery maker, photographer and vintage collector!)

(pictures by Alice)

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Every time I watch Ponyo, I want to eat the famous HAMMMM noodles. The other day, I decided to try it - I only replaced the ham with Quorn slices and let me tell you, it was yummy! 

But I'm not really a fan of the 3 minutes noodles, so the next day I replaced them with Udon noodles and it made such a difference - I also added some marinated tofu, chinese cabbage and I cooked the veggie ham in toasted sesame oil (I never thought of frying it before and I really love it, it's even better than the veggie bacon)
This is now one of my favourite meals - and it doesn't cost an arm!

Beautiful Japanese packaging

Green tea and bontan ame

And the first strawberry from the garden!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Another illustration inspired by Japan - who doesn't love the lucky cat?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hanami dango, narutomaki, temaki & matcha tea

A new illustration for my Japanese series - have you noticed the new little icon on the left? It's a Maneki neko!

I'm super excited as I might go to London at the end of the month (for the first time!) to visit the Hyper Japan event!

(Little feature on Creative Boom, thanks Katy)