Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Modcloth & me

Finally, I can share the good news! My illustration "Fruity" has been chosen by ModCloth for their new lookbook! Called "Fashion from the art", it features 8 illustrations and their matching outfits. (I am quite in love with this banana print and the lovely bag)

For the story, if you follow my blog you'll know that two months ago I was having a panic attack over copyrights

I can now tell you a bit more about it. 
The company who contacted me? ModCloth. The illustration in question? Fruity! 

Yes, this popsicle was painted from a photograph by the famous Con Poulos. When I painted it, I didn't know. This photograph is really all over tumblr and many websites/blogs use it as their own, which made my research difficult. But I found Con Poulos and wrote to him - I even contacted his agents.
His answer was really kind and I want to thank him again for that.
I had obviously told ModCloth I didn't paint this from my imagination and even if Con Poulos was fine with my illustration, I really wanted to credit him. And Modcloth did it! 

A big thank you to Angela from the ModCloth team for all her help with this.

Here you can read more about the lookbook and the 7 other artists.


  1. Wow! Modcloth! That's awesome! Well done, Laura. I'm glad the copyright thing worked out. It makes me very nervous, but I often wonder--what about the illustrators who don't draw at all, but work in collage? They literally use other people's work! I think that we can do far more than we expect, but there is a lot of paranoia around. I know graphic designers too afraid to use non-standard fonts. x

  2. Woohoo, well done you! The illustration is awesome - going to go and check out the others now. Well done again!