Thursday, 21 February 2013

Work in progress

I often share 'work in progress' pictures, I love to see how a painting evolves - good or bad!
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  1. Got a lot of love for this post. I find the way you work very interesting. Love the use of colours

  2. Love your work in progress pictures! I can't wait to see how the pinup turns out <3

  3. I love all of these - it's nice to see the progress too! The pin-up is looking stunning so far. xxx

  4. Amazing!
    I love the pug and kitties the best!!!

  5. I just love these watercolors, Laura! I am going to have to get another dog portrait...

  6. I love progress pictures too, especially seeing how other people work :) I find your style so unique, I love seeing all the smooth colour shapes transform into a beautiful image.

    I was wondering, will you be selling any more stickers any time soon? I would LOVE to buy a set. I was a bit slow last time hahaha