Monday, 29 April 2013

Cat Tee Mission

A few months ago, Sarah from Cat Tee Mission asked me if I wanted to participate to her Artist Exchange.
I (of course!) said yes!

What is Cat Tee Mission?

$23 - $27 gets you a unique Cat Tee which shows your support for homeless and unwanted cats. Our aim is to assist in the prevention and rescue of unwanted cats through the sale of our tees. 100% of the profit is donated to charities around the world who work in the areas of rehoming unwanted cats, saving cats from death row and performing TNR projects for street cats. We support no kill groups only and you can too with the purchase of a tee. We cater to all sizes for guys, girls and kids, with tees in a range of colours and fabrics. Get yours now to wear your support on your chest!”

The cat I've painted is Sarah's little baby, Bosco! Isn't he super cute?
More soon!

Two of my favourites illustrators have participated to the Artist Exchange, have a look at Harriet Gray & Lilly Piri's wonderful t-shirts!


  1. SO pretty! i bet sarah will love it! x

  2. It's absolutely beautiful Laura! Cannot thank you enough :) x