Sunday, 2 June 2013


Geiko & Maiko

I've always been fascinated by Japan, I love the culture, architecture, food... So I decided to base a personal project on it. I don't think I've enjoyed painting so much since a long time.

And I've learnt a few things too. Did you know that during their first year of apprenticeship Maikos are not allowed to wear lipstick on their top lip? This is how you recognise a Maiko from a Geisha.
Also, they paint their faces because many years ago the only source of lighting was candle light and the white would reflect better.
(This is a great documentary if you're interested)

One of my biggest dreams is to visit Japan (especially during Sakura Season).

So, here are the first illustrations I've done - the collection will hopefully grow every month!

Taiyaki, Mitarashi-dango, Matcha donut, Ichigo daifuku, Peko lollipop and Anmitsu
Natto gohan & Sekihan

Hayao Miyazaki 

And a sushi pattern!


  1. these are amazing and beautiful! i can't ever get over how brilliantly talented you are. when i have money i would love to commission a painting (or two) from you! :)

  2. Oh my, I am so hungry for mitarashi dango right now, and I just had lunch! All the illustrations are so beautiful, that make such a wonderful set all together. I love all the faces, the colours and shadows are memorising.

    I agree with visiting in Spring, it is absolutely lovely! Winter is nice too, cold but so clear! (Don't go in summer, summer is hot and sticky).

  3. OMG WOW! these are insanely good! you are so talented! :D xx

  4. Thank you so much for your very kind comments, I really appreciate it!

  5. I'm always speechless when I see your work. You are the master of watercolours Laura! I love how vibrant the colours are. You should definitely turn this into a zine :)

  6. Also I've been trying to make some patterns with a few of my works, finding it a tad difficult! Do you use illustrator by any chance?

  7. Oooh lovely, especially the Sushi

  8. Wow, these are beautiful Laura! xxx