Monday, 2 December 2013

Stolen, again.

Yes... It happened AGAIN! I contacted the shop as soon as I found out and they removed the t-shirts.
They apparently bought the fabric from a manufacturer, without knowing it was stolen. When I asked if they could give me the name of this shop, they unfortunately completely ignored my question.
It's more than probable that other shops have been using this fabric.
I'm just thankful that someone recognised my illustrations and was kind enough to let me know.

But why does it happen so often? I wonder if those are the same people who stole my cat pattern a few months ago. They sure are making money out of my work!  


  1. it's such a shame that this keeps happening :( i really hope you eventually get to the bottom of all the stealing and put an end to what you can!

  2. It's horrid when I see this happening, it really puts you off wanting to share your work with others in a sense, I wonder if there are ways to combat it online?

  3. Sorry this has happened to you again. I really hope you find out who originally stole it. You work so hard and so well you deserve to make a good decent living off of your work. I believe that will happen for you either way. You're brilliant, Laura :)

  4. It's really bad :( You really need to watermark your work or it will carry on happening.