Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I've made a tabby kitten pattern!

I'm working on a little personal project about Hawaii, I would so much love to travel... 
Next, it will be Japan! I can't wait to paint a geisha!

Preparing stock for Saturday's pop up shop!

I also found some of my old artwork, it's so strange to see the difference with what I do today!

Here's a 'work in progress' picture of a collaboration I'm doing with the very talented Chantal from Pony Chops - well, when I say "I'... She's the one working hard, with all the brilliant ideas!


  1. I love everything! The kitten pattern is adorably cute. I saw Chantal's post over on her blog the other day and I'm excited to see the finished result! xxx

  2. Oh! That cat pattern is so gorgeous!

  3. Everything is so wonderful, the way you paint is captivating. I love seeing all the colours, especially within your portraits.